In addition to all rule outlined here participants will follow the MLH code of conduct: .

Dates and Times

CalgaryHacks 2021 will take place Feb 13-14, 2021. Registration will be open till the day before the event or until the event is full. Participants will have between Saturday Feb 13th at 11:30am to Sunday Feb 14th at 11:30am to develop their submission. Late submissions may not be judged and thus not be eligible for prizing. Winners will be announced between Sunday Feb 14th 4:30pm - 6pm. Participants will be judged live 1pm – 4pm Sunday February 14th.

Submission Rights & Display

We will rebroadcast the demonstration videos of the winning projects during the closing ceremonies. We also reserve the right to use submitted materials to promote CalgaryHacks in the future.

Prizes & Winner Selection

For the main prizing pools (Tier 1 / Tier 2) the winners will be evaluated using the judging criteria stated on Devpost. A group is found to be violating any rules outlined might be removed from the competition and ineligible for prizing.

Referral Contest

By referring a friend to sign up for CalgaryHacks ( you will be entered into a draw to win one of the 3 Amazon gift cards: one $128, one $64, one $32. You will be entered into the draw if the person you refer provides the same Discord ID you used to register for the competition in the "Discord ID of Referring person" field. Both you and the referral must register for a team the day of the event to be eligible. Referring more than 1 participant will have no effect on your chance of winning a prize. You cannot enter your own Discord ID as a valid referral, you must refer a new person to the competition to be eligible for the draw.

Code Reuse

Groups may reuse previously written code snippets or other open source code while developing their project. However the project in the whole must be developed within the 24 hours of the competition.

Prize Payment
Please allow for upto 2 weeks after the event to receive prizes.